Chris Brisson

Chris Brisson Founder & CEO

Chris founded the original AutoTeleseminar back in 2008 as a Wordpress automated teleseminar series platform with minimal success, but saw a huge need for a platform to automate the phone calls and two years later, AutoTeleseminar what is is today was born.

Chris started his first company at 19 out of his college dorm room to go on and generate over $250,000 in sales it's first year in business to selling the company only 3 years later.. Over the years, Chris has bootstrapped many successful internet businesses of which many have spawned into million dollar enterprises. He loves to surf, read, and loves great design.

Simon Hamp

Simon Hamp Lead Developer

Simon is quite simply... awesome. He lives in the UK and runs a tight ship on developing code that works and works well. He's in charge of all of the backend development and programming to make AutoTeleseminar and AutoWebinar stable, secure, and flexible.

Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch COO

Trevor is not your typical success story. Growin up in Oregon, he learned early on the power of investing and while in college, bought his first real estate property. From this venture he has built several successful information million dollar publishing businesses teaching Real Estate Investing to thousands of people across the world. Trevor focuses on creating epic marketing campaigns, company culture, and PR efforts and loves growing fun businesses that make an impact.

You won't find Trevor at home on the weekend's, expect to find him traveling to the world with his wife and new baby girl.

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